Rami visiting the 35th World Diamond Congress in MumbaiI’m currently in Mumbai India attending the 35th World Diamond Congress. You would think I would have the opportunity to see a little bit of the surrounding area, unfortunately not to be the case. I’ve been pretty much confined to the Congress and meeting after meeting with delegates from around the world discussing the state of the industry, the trials and tribulations and where to from here. Myself and my colleagues Alex Suresh and Nicholas have been particularly busy as we have already made five presentations launching the World Diamond Mark. The response has been phenomenal.

Tomorrow will be a presentation to the International Diamond Manufacturers Association executive and to the joint session of the World Federation Diamond Bourses, following which I will make a final presentation to the major stakeholders and manufacturers of the Bharat Diamond Exchange. In the photos you can see me at Bharat Diamond Exchange, a complex of seven buildings with an area that encompasses 1.4 km radius. Leading the private to work is Anoop Mehta the President of the Bourse, and in other photos there is Avi Paz past President of the WFDB and Ernie Blom incoming President.

The photo that I’m throwing my hands around is sitting at lunch with Ronnie Unterman the Secretary General of the WFDB, discussing the Mark.

Rami Baron chats with Ron Unterman of the WFDBAnoop Mehta, Presidient of the BoursePosters shown at the 35th World Diamond CongressAnoop Mehta, Ernest Blom, Rami Baron at the World Diamond CongressAvi Paz, Anoop Mehta, Rami Baron, Ernest Blom at the World Diamond Congress