"...design has a strong influence in the bridal and engagement ring market.”


BELOW IS A QUOTE FROM AN INTERVIEW with Paola Deluca, a creative director from a company who forecasts jewellery trends.

I am posting this quote because I am so passionate about this philosophy and find myself constantly repeating the message to jewellery retailers - tell your story, look to be different.

"Companies are being lazy if they think that using a very good diamond is enough. It is up to a certain point, but design has a strong influence in the bridal and engagement ring market."

The trade tends to think that if you brand a product, no matter how average or boring it may seem, the brand brings extra value. Certainly, packaging a mediocre product and selling it with a good display is better than an average product without a good marketing story, but it’s not the solution. If jewelry [sic] or luxury products have no content or thought behind them, then you can call it any name you want, but consumers will not buy it. The end product has to reflect the design and love that went into making the piece.

Today, it is a challenge because young people have seen it all and they’re exposed to so much information on an hourly basis, so stories don’t last, unless it’s something truly meaningful.

People are interested in the story behind the product and want to know that it is consistent, coherent and authentic.

Never has a truer word been spoken than that last statement.

Trade Well.