Three Geisha Women Three Geisha Women

Its difficult to explain the inner pleasure one derives from seeing the camaraderie of your colleagues at a gathering such as this.

This particular Asian Summit is more than just a get together of diamantaires from far flung places across the world. It’s a symbol of rebuilding, sharing and support. The WFDB summit in Tokyo was a resounding success, because of the three ingredients I mention above.

The concept of the Asian summit was introduced by Avi Paz the previous WFDB President with the understanding that the growth and enormous contribution both manpower and financial that this part of the world plays in the diamond industry. This Summit was to take place 3 years ago but the mass destruction and human tragedy that befell Japan when the Tsunami hit meant this was not to be the case.

Having in attendance the current President Ernie Blom, two Honorary Presidents Shmuel Schnitzer and Avi Paz, Presidents from other bourses; Anoop Mehta President of the Bharat exchange in India, Alex Popov President of the Moscow exchange, Suresh Hathiramani president of the Singapore Exchange, Pichet standing in for Boonyong representing the Thailand Gems and Jewellery Council, and myself from Australia. In addition Tom Moses from the GIA was a special guest who provided us with a lecture on synthetics, as well as the board of the Tokyo Diamond Exchange led by Mr Iwasaki made for an excellent discussion group and exchange of ideas. This list of attendees reflects the significance of the Summit.

The participants of the Asian Summit in Tokyo Japan 2013 The participants of the Asian Summit in Tokyo Japan 2013

The World Diamond Mark featured prominently with a great question and answer repartee and hopefully a better understanding as to the transition the WFDB mark will have moving to the World Diamond Mark and where and how they will be used.

The next meeting in Istanbul will be very exciting as the World Diamond Mark Team will have more to share with advancements made in moving the program forward.

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