Engagement ring, wedding band

The Knot, one of the most influential bridal magazines in America  recently published the results of their latest survey (click here to read a summary by National Jeweler) which personally I believe would reflect the Australian experience. The results showed that when young couples are looking to purchase a diamond engagement ring, the independent jeweller remains at the top of the list.

The most exciting statistic in the 2013 survey was that 42% of couples purchased their diamond ring from a jeweller in their local area. This is a 2% increase from the last time this survey was conducted in 2011.

Guess what? The main reason given by men, was that they want to see the ring and stone in person and that they really want the customer service that followed. 30% said they felt they needed more interaction and feedback than what the web could provide.

Now here’s the most important thing I want you to take away from this article: take note, 49% of women were contacted after the sale.

This means that 51% were not contacted at all.

The missed opportunity is insane. Do you call every customer a week after they purchased their ring? If not, why not?? What are you scared of? Are you so busy making so much money???

If you’re in that 51% category, stop worrying about the web and Blue Nile, just look in the mirror.

The most obvious opportunity you have is that according to the same study 81% of brides wear jewellery on their wedding day and almost 60% buy it as a gift for bridesmaids, and 30% for groomsmen.

Don’t miss the boat, you are not seeing the opportunities that are in front of your nose, the consumer wants to meet with you... just call them.