Rihanna wears "Shooting Star" diamond ring designed by Raphael Jewellers Rihanna wears "Shooting Star", a diamond ring designed by Raphael Jewellers from the Strand Arcade

I thought it particularly appropriate that one of the hottest songs on the charts is the Rihanna single Diamonds.

Maybe I am showing my age, but the last song I recall about diamonds was Shirley Bassey's Diamonds are Forever - which do you prefer? Either way I think it's great that someone is singing about these BREATH TAKING GEMS, it's a shame our trade doesn't leverage this sort of thing. I wonder if Rihanna was inspired to write the song after wearing Sydney jeweller Raphael's creation, which she used in a modelling a shoot when she was recently in Sydney? As described on the Strand Arcade website: "The magnificent cocktail ring is made in yellow and rose gold with fancy yellow and pink diamonds, characterized by the wonderful warmth of tone".