For the last few days I've been in Istanbul for the 2013 WFDB & IDMA President's Meeting. If you're watching the news, you might have noticed some interesting events occurring over here.

My perspective of the situation is that overall the population in turkey is pretty positive. They want change, but it's a very controlled environment. I drove past "Taksim square" and there are people having picnics in the park. The problems only erupted late at night and we were 5 min from there and did not hear a thing.

The media is creating a very distorted image of what is happening here, which is contained to one specific area. This country is very sophisticated and stable. Yes, people want a more liberal society, but you do not get the sense in any form that you are going to see a version of the "Arab Spring" here.

I'll soon be putting together my notes on this year's President's Meeting, so stay tuned. Remember, you can subscribe to this blog by entering your email in the top right corner.