From the article "The Diamond Industry’s ‘Crisis’ of Silence"

"...nefarious ways of manipulating the diamond supply and the price of diamonds will continue; and no one will ever name names... The diamond industry never talks...I can’t take seriously these calls for cleaning up the industry. The only crisis happening in the diamond industry is a crisis of silence."

The author is either ignorant, naive, or lazy. We can all point fingers but they lack the gumption to go out and do their job which should be investigative journalism. This at least would weed out the culprits and name and shame.

I say ignorant because the legal repercussions of defamation are all too nefarious. I say naive because apart from the previous point, merchants down the pipeline could be caught up just as easily being unaware that their parcels have been mixed with synthetics (although I don't consider this an excuse, if we are caught out then we deserve it because we are closing a blind eye) and I say lazy because arm chair journalism is a lame excuse.

The WFDB has openly condemned the fraudulent misrepresentation of presenting synthetics diamonds as natural and has gone further than anyone else in stating publicly that we would take stringent action against any of our members who are caught committing such a fraud.