rapaportThe Rapaport group will no longer accept EGL grading certificates for use in Rapnet, the world's largest diamond trading network.

This move emphasises the importance of transparency and ethics in the global diamond industry, and showcases the resolve of Martin Rappaport - who wields enormous influence in the industry - to maintain his corporation's integrity as the Current premier facilitator of online diamond pricing and trading. EGL certificates are known to at times over-grade, artificially increasing a diamond's value. This kind of deception is unacceptable, and the industry can certainly not afford to tolerate it.

Additionally, they have banned all green tinted diamonds, no matter their origin.

This is due to the fact that 95% of all green tinted diamonds originate in Zimbabwe, and the risk that these could be mixed with diamonds from stable regions is too great. The U.S. has long-standing sanctions against President Mugabe, and I fully support the ban of these stones.