Technology has forever changed the jewellery business. There are new gemstone treatments entering the market every day, many of them virtually impossible to detect without expensive laboratory tools. Some of the treatments are stable and will last forever, others require special care. Our customers deserve to know exactly what they are purchasing with their hard-earned money and they need to know how to properly care for their new gemstones. Selling treated gemstones requires full disclosure.

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I loved this article.

Whether we talk about enhancements, improvements, treatments, or the introduction of synthetics into our trade, it is exactly as was presented in this article. The seller must learn and be educated to deliver the information with knowledge, expertise and no fear.

Gemstone treatment before and after Gemstone treatment before and after

Having recently chaired an industry think tank, a considerable amount of time was spent on the importance of ongoing education and the central depository for information that is easily accessible to members of our trade, to provide them the understanding and correct words as to how to present treatments... without fear of losing the sale.

Is improving the way something looks a bad thing? OMG, don’t tell the millions of women and men who have cosmetic surgery and other enhancements.

The consumer appreciates the beauty of a gemstone. By providing them with a big beautiful gem (interestingly we in the trade have accepted the oiled emerald for years), which is at a price point they can afford, is satisfying a need and desire.

As long as you explain the process and limitations of a treatment as described in the article, and then like all good presenters you focus on the positives, you will make the sale and probably win over a customer for life.

Misinformation, fear and fraud will not only lead to distrust, but I can guarantee the whole business and it's reputation will be tarnished so badly that they may never recover from deceiving the customer.

As a member of the executive Council of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, we are constantly faced with treatments to diamonds. Technological developments have made it possible in the past for a few to benefit commercially from treated diamonds that Labs could not detect. Since then the major labs around the world work tirelessly to develop tools to assist in the identification of all treatments in both precious gemstones, and diamonds.

The industry must always act transparently and not be fearful or act deceitfully, as this is a recipe for disaster.