Pure Gold Jewellers LogoAnnouncing the first jeweller to adopt the WDM: Pure Gold Jewellers.

Pure Gold Jewellers is an award-winning jewellery retailer with 100 stores across the Middle East, in the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, KSA and Bahrain, and 200 stores in India.

Pure Gold Jewellers Adopts WDM's Authorized Diamond Dealer Program

RAPAPORT... Pure Gold Jewellers became the first jeweler to adopt and introduce the World Diamond Mark's Authorized Diamond Dealer® (ADD) program across its retail network in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and India.

Alex Popov, the chairman of the World Diamond Mark Foundation, said that by adopting the ADD program, Pure Gold Jewellers marked a significant milestone. "With the Pure Gold Jewellers applying the ADD principles and programs in its stores, we will be able to greatly improve the reputation of and demand for high-end diamond jewelry, increase the knowledge and awareness of diamonds and diamond jewelry among consumers, and enhance the desirability of diamonds and diamond jewelry," he said.

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Pure Gold Jewellers and the Diamond Mark