The Times of IndiaThe Times of India, the world's largest selling English language daily newspaper, has run an article on the launch of the World Diamond Mark:

Diamond trade initiative makes diamantaires happy

SURAT: Diamantaires in world's biggest diamond cutting and polishing centre in Surat are elated by the efforts of World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) to ensure the health and future growth of the diamond industry in luxury sector.

For the first time, trade organizations, federations, manufacturers, mining sightholders and miners have become partners of the global initiative to make diamonds and jewellery synonymous with the world's most desirable luxury items.

The World Diamond Mark officially launched at the recently concluded 35th World Diamond Congress (WDC) in Mumbai signals the beginning of a new era in the diamond and diamond jewellery industry, industry sources said. It is the beginning of largest accreditation and market programme in the history of diamond industry, they said.

"It is a unique global initiative to promote diamonds in the world. This will bridge a gap between the consumer and the retailer as far as the quality and authenticity of diamonds are concerned," a DTC sightholder said.

The global strategy and action plan are based on three fundamental principles: education, confidence and generic marketing to generate the best-sustained returns for the industry, to bring direct benefits to members and to make diamonds and jewellery synonymous with world's most desirable luxury items.

Surat Diamond Association president Dinesh Navadia said, "Consumer confidence and trust are the first priority when it comes to selling diamonds and diamond jewellery. When you have the World Diamond Mark, it ensures that the diamonds you purchase are authentic. This is going to help the diamond industry in the long run."