Chiswick Event with Matthew Ely and Rami BaronYesterday I attended the launch of Mathew Ely’s new boutique in Woollahra. The event was held at Chiswick gardens restaurant across the road. It was a lovely event which showcased Matt’s abilities as a master jeweller.

I was given the honour of introducing Matt and saying a few words about his life and abilities. It’s not a hard ask that I can tell you. Matt truly combines the skills of the architect, artist and sculptor. No doubt that we are seeing not only the launch of a new brand of bespoke jewellery but the evolution of a new breed of jewellers who combine creativity and  respect for melding old world skills with technology . In Matt’s case in particular he adds to that the charisma of a young man who comes from a wonderful and supportive family, and as he said in his own words, "How lucky am I get to do what I love as my profession!"

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