Rami at the WFDB Congress in Mumbai Rami at the WFDB Congress in Mumbai

The WFDB congress in Mumbai ended on a high. The feedback we  (being the team which produced the World Diamond Mark, consisting of Suresh Alex Nicholas and myself) garnered was enormously gratifying. The leaders of the diamond industry in India were incredibly supportive of people like Anoop Mehta and Sangai Kothari, who are determined that this initiative will work.

Being elected as the first Australian to the Executive board of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses is an enormous honour.

The joke was made that I reduced the average age of the board by 10 years. I was really pleased that Alex Popov from our team was also elected onto the board. This particular Congress allowed me to meet a number of new people, and begin to build a friendship with members of IDMA (the International Diamond Manufacturers Association). In addition I met with the US Ambassador Gillian Milovanovic, chair of the Kimberley Process, who spoke of the importance to inspire consumer confidence which can only come from a strong KP.

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